Gigi Spice

First Impressions

Gigi Spice is a hot Latin teen and it looks like she´s willing to do just about anything on camera. She has proven her desire for cock and pussy and I haven´t even gotten to the member´s area yet. One of the first things I saw was a picture of her fucking some chick´s pussy with a strapon cock. Isn´t that exciting? I clicked on the video to check out the preview and it´s basically the little slut sucking on and being fucked by big white cocks throughout. She´s definitely naughty and her site seems like it´s going to be an adventure.

Hot Promises

Gigi Spice says she´s the girl next door that does it all and by the looks of thing she´s not kidding around. The usual promises are here: exclusive content, high quality photo sets, HD quality videos (what does HD quality mean and why do they say the videos are shot in HD instead of just being HD?), weekly updates and the most important promise of all is that she has a lot of sex with both guys and girls inside. The video preview page is probably the best place to get a sense of what her content is like. It looks good and it seems as though the hardcore sex extends beyond a few simple scenes.


When you enter the member´s area you get to read a short note from Gigi welcoming you to her site and there´s a sexy teasing picture where she´s wearing colorful socks and a hat twisted to the side. They also highlight the most recent updates and based on that list she´s updating 1-2 times a week. That means a lot of new content for you in addition to the load of good stuff that´s already waiting. Along the top of the page there are links to the various content zones and that´s pretty much all you need to know.

Gigi lists her videos as the first option to click so I figured they must be the most impressive part of the site. The collection is certainly large with more than 60 scenes ready to be downloaded. Some correspond with the picture galleries and others don´t; they fail to link them to each other so it can be a little frustrating if you´re trying to check out a high quality photo set from a particular scene. That´s really minor though. The important thing to know is that Gigi is super fucking hot, she has lots of super fucking hot friends and she loves to suck on cock and get fucked in her tight young Latina pussy.

She gives you a description of every video and there are usually four different versions you can download. It would have been helpful to have a separate screen capture gallery to visit just to get a better idea of what happens during the scene but the preview video is usually pretty good about that. It´s like a trailer so just download it and flip through it to see if she does what turns you on during the Latina video scene. Once you´ve found the one that´s going to make your dick hard and make your balls explode you can pick your resolution and get to downloading.

For all but two of the videos (at this point at least) there is a high definition video for download at 1280x720 and more than 5000kbps, which is awesome. The smaller version is at 720x400 but it still looks really good thanks to a high bit rate. There´s also a low quality version for those that don´t have the bandwidth to grab a really high quality clip. You can go with the MP4 version if you have an iPod or other portable device that you like to watch porn on (that seems dangerous; don´t get caught!).

It should be made clear to you that Gigi doesn´t mess around with her content. There are some solo girls that will do ?lesbian? scenes where they´re really just rubbing the other girl a lot or getting naked with her. Gigi does all of that but then she spreads her legs and has the girl eat her Latina pussy or she puts on a strapon and fucks the hot chick or she´s the one eating hot pussy. She´s a bisexual pleasure slut and she wants it all. That´s why she gets plenty of dick during her videos. The hardcore Latina sex doesn´t dominate the site but it´s prevalent enough that if you´re thinking about joining solely because of it you won´t be wasting your money. When this tight little teen slut sits on a fat cock it is otherworldly.

We haven´t yet talked about Gigi´s hot body but I think it´s worth a mention. If you´ve been on the tour you´ve no doubt seen it but those small pictures and low resolution videos don´t really do it justice. This girl is far hotter than most with a really slim frame, small perky tits and a hot shaved pussy that looks amazing whether it´s being fucked by a hard cock or eaten out. In particular I like seeing a girl go down on her. There´s something about seeing a girl this young and sexy in a lesbian scene that never fails to arouse on so many different levels. You can get a taste of that if you buy a membership.

In addition to the 60+ sexy videos Gigi Spice also gives you 42 picture galleries to make your way through. Like the videos they are exceptionally sexy and they provide lots of entertainment. They´re mixed with softcore, hardcore and lesbian sex available and there are some nifty galleries like when she puts on a cute and super naughty costume that makes her look like a doll. When she dresses up like a badass in a leather cat suit it´s pretty fucking hot too. I know you won´t be able to resist that. The picture galleries are also the best place to appreciate Gigi´s wonderfully sexy and tight body. It´s youthful but you also get the sense that she has clearly matured into an adult because she really knows how to put on the moves.

There´s a small selection of wallpapers that you´re free to access and they come in three sizes, including a rather large 1600x1200. They will really dress up your background and wouldn´t it be lovely to boot up your computer every day to this luscious babe. There are six bonus sites that come with your membership to Gigi Spice and they all star beautiful young Latina girls. Two are of slim teen variety just like Gigi and one has enormous and wonderful tits to show off. There are also two sites that are compilations, essentially. They have a whole bunch of Latina babes and they tempt and tease you with their hot little bodies. With all that extra content the membership is an excellent use of your money.

Croco’s Opinion

Gigi Spice is a sexy and exceptionally naughty young Latina. She does solo, lesbian and hardcore content and she doesn´t mess around. She takes cock in her mouth and her shaved young pussy and she delights in it. The lesbian strapon sex is particularly interesting and arousing. She is an adept cocksucker and she never has any issues getting her man excited to be inside her wet pussy. I like every aspect of the site and the only real negative is the small picture gallery collection. More of those would have made it near perfect for the genre. However, they throw in all those bonus sites and make it a must buy for fans of young Latin ladies.


The site is well designed and it´s very easy to find your way around.

Pricing Policy

It´s $29.95 every 30 days or $59.95 every 90 days.

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